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A sneak preview of future stages of Indian emission standards for non-road engines reveals a tractor-sized loophole

In January, the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) published a booklet summarizing Indian emissions regulations for transportation sources. It is a particularly valuable resource for...In short, it’s welcome news that Indian regulators have set their sights on catching up with best-practice emissions standards for non-road engines. Here’s hoping that in aiming for that goal in 2025...
Published 2017.04.06: Blog Post

Identifying clean vehicles to improve air quality in Paris and London [press statement]

(29 March 2017) The International Council on Clean Transportation is honored to be asked to collaborate with the cities of Paris and London, together with C40 Cities, the FIA Foundation, and others,...
Published 2017.03.29: News

Technology uptake, costs, and benefits under a next-phase passenger car efficiency program in Brazil

Brazil is the sixth largest market for new passenger vehicles worldwide and the largest market in Latin America. As of 2013, passenger vehicles sold in Brazil have adopted fewer fuel-saving...
Published 2017.03.27: Publication

Freight assessment blueprint: Practical guide for evaluating freight transportation in support of national green freight programs

This document aims to provide step-by-step guidance for conducting a freight assessment when the ultimate goal is to develop a green freight program. As more countries and regions explore ways to...
Published 2017.03.27: Publication

Literature review of electric vehicle consumer awareness and outreach

This paper reviews current practices by national and subnational governments around the world that aim to increase consumer awareness, understanding, and exposure to electric vehicles. It summarizes...
Published 2017.03.24: Publication

The better path for the US auto industry is more efficiency technology, not less

What uncertain times we live in. The automakers wasted no time in calling on the new Trump administration to ease the light-duty vehicle efficiency standards that were established under the Obama...Strong standards with long regulatory lead-times are pillars of good energy, technology, and industrial policy. Our research suggests that the better path—for technology investments, consumers, and...
Published 2017.03.22: Blog Post

[Press release] New ICCT study shows cost estimates for meeting MPG and pollution standards are overstated by as much as 40 percent

As federal efficiency and pollution standards for cars and light trucks are reopened, a new study finds that the cost of meeting those standards in 2025 is likely being overstated by as much as 40...
Published 2017.03.22: News

Efficiency technology and cost assessment for U.S. 2025–2030 light-duty vehicles

The paper builds on the modeling and peer-reviewed research underlying the Technical Assessment Report of the EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the midterm review of the...
Published 2017.03.22: Publication

Mitigating international aviation emissions: Risks and opportunities for alternative jet fuels

The aviation sector—and its associated GHG emissions—are projected to grow at an exponential rate over the next several decades. To mitigate this rise in emissions, some have touted alternative jet...
Published 2017.03.22: Publication

Marine engine emission standards for China's domestic vessels

On August 30, 2016, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) jointly released the first-ever...
Published 2017.03.21: Publication

A surprising key to unlocking the electric vehicle market: Utilities

There’s no doubt about it: Electric vehicles are on the rise. But for every story about the inevitability of electric vehicles, there’s another one about the barriers. Cost, charging, and consumer...One increasingly important – and perhaps unexpected – leader in the quest to figure things out may be your local electric power utility. Utilities are starting to see how the flexibility of electric...
Published 2017.03.21: Blog Post

Quibbles over the perfect way to measure black carbon emissions from ships are keeping us from commonsense moves to control them

At a time when Arctic sea ice should be nearing its maximum extent, we’re seeing record-low ice cover for this time of year. It’s so hot at the pole that scientists are toying with ideas to re-freeze...Without regulation, it’s unlikely that the international maritime shipping sector will voluntarily find ways to cut black carbon emissions, despite the climate benefit. Thus, we need to move on from...
Published 2017.03.21: Blog Post

ICCT receives prestigious award from Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection [news release]

On February 28, the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) recognized ICCT’s “outstanding contribution” in supporting the development of China’s sixth stage emission standard for light-...
Published 2017.03.20: News

Black carbon measurement methods and emission factors from ships

Black carbon (BC) emissions from ships contribute to human induced climate warming and are linked with human health issues, such as lung cancer, respiratory illness, and cardiopulmonary disease....
Published 2017.03.20: Publication

Ulises Hernández

Published 2017.03.20: Profile

China's Stage 6 emission standard for new light-duty vehicles (final rule)

On December 23, 2016, the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) of the People’s Republic of China released the final rule of the Stage 6 Limits and Measurement Methods for Emissions from Light-...
Published 2017.03.16: Publication

EPA/NHTSA joint Notice of Intention to reconsider the final determination of the mid-term evaluation of GHG emissions standards for MY 2022–2025 light duty vehicles [press statement]

March 15, 2017—The International Council on Clean Transportation supported the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's decision in January 2017 to keep unchanged the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions...
Published 2017.03.15: News

Brandon Graver

Published 2017.03.14: Profile

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综述 科林创思国际清洁交通技术咨询(北京)有限公司是国际清洁交通委员会(ICCT)于2015年在华合法注册成立的咨询公司。ICCT旨在为全世界的环境管理部门提供优质公正的科学技术分析研究成果支持政策制定和有效实施。我们主要关注全球各地的交通领域,核心工作是减少全球交通领域的污染物排放。过去10年中,我们积极参与中国移动源排放治理的相关研究工作,对多项法规标准和政策提供了独立、深入、前沿的技术支持...
Published 2017.03.13: Job Posting