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Declining diesel car share not a hurdle for meeting the European Union’s CO2 reduction targets, instead helps reduce compliance costs for manufacturers [press release]

In the aftermath of the Dieselgate scandal, the market share of diesel cars in Europe is declining. The average diesel passenger car emits less carbon dioxide (CO2) than a comparable gasoline car...
Published 2017.07.05: News

Shifting gears: The effects of a future decline in diesel market share on tailpipe CO2 and NOx emissions in Europe

The market share of fuel-efficient new diesel cars in the European Union has remained above 50% since 2010, greatly aiding the EU’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions. But diesel market share is...
Published 2017.07.05: Publication

On-road testing of CO2 and exhaust emissions from Euro 6 passenger cars in the EU

In 2015, the ICCT commissioned Emissions Analytics, a commercial test house specializing in testing real-world fuel consumption and emissions, to perform on-road testing of Euro 6-regulated gasoline...
Published 2016.11.14: Publication