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Costs and benefits of motor vehicle emission control programs in China

China has made tremendous progress in emission control for on-road vehicles (light-duty vehicles, buses, and heavy-duty trucks) in recent decades. The vehicle population in China grew nearly...
Published 2015.06.29: Publication

Review and comparative analysis of in-use vehicle emission control programs in Guangdong Province

Controlling emissions from the in-use fleet, particularly from high emitters and older vehicles, can immediately alleviate urban air pollution. As pressure to address China's air quality issues...
Published 2015.06.29: Publication

Financial Analyst

Want to make a difference with your work? The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) is an independent, non-profit organization founded to provide first-rate, unbiased research along...
Published 2015.06.25: Job Posting

U.S. efficiency and greenhouse gas emission regulations for MY 2018–2027 heavy-duty vehicles, engines, and trailers

On June 19, 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration jointly proposed new standards to reduce the fuel consumption and greenhouse gas...
Published 2015.06.25: Publication

Cost-effectiveness of engine technologies for a potential heavy-duty vehicle fuel efficiency regulation in India

As policymakers and stakeholders in India begin the regulatory development process for fuel efficiency standards for new heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs), one of the key areas of debate has been whether...
Published 2015.06.25: Publication

What the NRC report on LDV technologies does and doesn't add to the debate in the run up to the US CAFE 2025 standard midterm evaluation

The National Research Council's latest vehicle technology assessment, Cost, Effectiveness and Deployment of Fuel Economy Technologies for Light-Duty Vehicles, released last week, presents a massive... Convincing support for the agencies' initial analysis, that could have pushed its conclusions even further.
Published 2015.06.24: Blog Post

Cleaning up big trucks to deliver a cleaner future

[Originally published on HuffPost Green] Tractor trailers and other medium and heavy trucks are the hard working giants of the American highway. They are also a disproportionately large part of our... Tractor trailers and other medium and heavy trucks are the hard working giants of the American highway. They are also a disproportionately large part of our nation's carbon footprint.
Published 2015.06.24: Blog Post

Nonprofit Financial Management Summer Internship

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) is a non-profit organization helping to develop policy solutions to reduce conventional pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions from the...
Published 2015.06.23: Job Posting

5 numbers you need to know about the proposed U.S. truck efficiency rule

Today the U.S. Environment Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) for heavy-duty vehicle fuel-efficiency and... It's a complex proposal, and will take some time to fully digest, but some of the highlights regarding the complexity, the technology improvements, and the benefits are immediately clear. Here is...
Published 2015.06.19: Blog Post

[Press release] Proposed truck efficiency standards establish U.S. global leadership in low-carbon commercial vehicles sector

ICCT research finds major efficiency improvements in U.S. truck sector are cost effective with off-the-shelf technologies On June 19, 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S....
Published 2015.06.19: News

Electric Vehicle Internship 2015-2016

We are currently offering an internship opportunity in our Washington, DC office to support our electric vehicle research. The intern will help us research the status of the electric vehicle market...
Published 2015.06.18: Job Posting

Why the United States Must Lead in Reducing Aviation Emissions

There’s big news in the world of aviation and environmental policy this week. After more than seven years of deliberation, punctuated by legal challenges from environmentalists, the US Environmental... The US EPA published a draft “endangerment” finding that is the first formal step toward regulating aviation greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. With luck, EPA’s actions will also translate...
Published 2015.06.15: Blog Post

Clean Air Program Researcher

Position Description The ICCT seeks a highly motivated and self-directed person to contribute to a wide range of policy-relevant research. Topics include tailpipe emission standards for passenger...
Published 2015.06.10: Job Posting

Policies to reduce fuel consumption, air pollution, and carbon emissions from vehicles in G20 nations

The transport sector consumes more than half of global oil production, and releases nearly a quarter of all anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. Motor vehicles and engines contribute to ambient...
Published 2015.06.08: Publication

Truckin’.exe: Using computer simulations to certify the fuel efficiency of trucks

A couple of months ago we published a paper looking at differences in efficiency between EU, US, and Chinese trucks, and we theorized that the adoption of efficiency technologies is likely slower in... A global, harmonized tool for HDV efficiency computer simulations would highly desirable, because it would improve the quality and comparability of data and reduce costs for both regulators and...
Published 2015.06.04: Blog Post

Arctic shipping, one-hit-wonder?

The 2015 Arctic shipping season is just around the corner. A fairly lackluster 2014 season left some wondering if all the excitement about the Arctic becoming the shipping route of the next century... Despite the fairly lackluster 2014 shipping season and uncertainty on what’s in store for the 2015 season, every indication points to increased activity in the Arctic, and we need to do more to...
Published 2015.06.04: Blog Post

Global Green Freight Action Plan launched

The Global Green Freight Action Plan was officially launched yesterday, 27 May 2015, at the International Transport Forum's 2015 Annual Summit in Leipzig, Germany. The Action Plan is a product of...
Published 2015.05.28: News

Chinese Light-Duty Vehicle Data Analysis Internship 2015

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has an internship opportunity in the San Francisco office to work in our passenger vehicle program from July to end of the year (2015). The...
Published 2015.05.19: Job Posting

Request for Proposals: Marine Black Carbon Emissions Testing

Summary This request for proposals (RFP) supports the marine component of a two-year project on marine and ports black carbon emissions funded by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) and...
Published 2015.05.19: News

Request for Proposals: Air Quality Modeling Inputs to Rapid Health Impact Assessment Tool for Port Emissions

Summary This request for proposals (RFP) seeks an experienced consulting group or individual with expertise in atmospheric chemistry and air quality modeling, urban- and regional-scale air pollution...
Published 2015.05.19: News