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Join us for a global webinar with the study authors to gain a deeper understanding of the motivation for this work, the approach, and the major findings.

Workshop | Beijing, China

The objective of this meeting was to provide an overview of HDV emissions compliance programs and experiences in the US/California and Europe as well as solutions and recommendations for China going forward.

Workshop | Beijing

The Sino-US motor vehicle emission control workshop series focuses on comprehensive strategies to manage the environmental impacts of mobile sources. The topics of this 4th workshop were transportation emission control technologies and policies for both on-road vehicles and off-road equipment.


Workshop | Beijing

This two-day conference focused on near and longer-term technology and policy solutions for vehicle efficiency and GHG emissions reduction from light-duty vehicles in China.

Workshop | Tianjin, China

A dialogue among experts from Japan, China, North America and the EU on benefits and challenges of crediting powertrain technologies in fuel-efficiency standards, and feasibility and costs of various testing and simulation strategies.


Summarizes a recent study on the potential for increased shipping efficiency through adoption of industry-leading practices in the maritime fleet.


A technical assessment and international comparison.

Workshop | Shanghai

A workshop designed for regulators, port authorities, academic and research institutes, NGOs from China and abroad to share international best practices for mitigating air pollution from port activities and vessels, and inform policy development in China.

Workshop | Tianjin

A workshop for the technical team behind China’s light-duty vehicle fuel consumption regulation and major Chinese auto manufacturers focusing on technologies and costs to reduce car fuel consumption to meet China’s 2020 target.

Workshop | Beijing

The ICCT and the China Automotive Technology and Research Center co-organized a workshop on in Beijing on vehicle fuel consumption regulation and fiscal policies for China.