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With more than 15 million cars and trucks sold annually, the 28-member European Union is the world's most important vehicle market. Every fourth vehicle sold worldwide is produced in or imported into Europe, and its influence on the business decisions of major global vehicle manufacturers is significant.

Traditionally, the EU has set the pace for the reduction of greenhouse gases from transport and conventional pollutants. Europe is home to a large number of innovative vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, providing advanced technologies that help reduce emissions from transportation.

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Real-Driving Emissions test procedure for exhaust gas pollutant emissions of cars and light commercial vehicles in Europe
Provides background information and a detailed overview of the RDE legislation, as well as a discussion of its strengths and areas for improvement.
Policy update
Impact of improved regulation of real-world NOx emissions from diesel passenger cars in the EU, 2015−2030
Examines the potential impact of the EU’s real-driving emissions regulation and ICCT’s proposed modifications on real-world emission factors of new diesel cars and projected passenger car fleet NOX emissions in the EU through...
White paper
NOx emissions from heavy-duty and light-duty diesel vehicles in the EU: Comparison of real-world performance and current type-approval requirements
Identifies key differences in the regulations governing certification of NOX emissions from diesel cars (Euro 6) and trucks (Euro VI) that help explain differences in their real-world emissions performance. Ultimately, an...



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Diesels dip, electric vehicles rise in Germany
The theme that ties together the good and the bad headlines emanating from Germany is that the car market is changing, from diesel engines—the German car industry’s bread and butter—to electric motors.
Staff Blog
Adding to the pile of evidence: Recent on-road testing results for CO2 and exhaust emissions from Euro 6 light-duty vehicles in the EU
Summarizes the Emissions Analytics testing on nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates, both of which pose significant health problems, and CO2 which is vehicles' main contribution to climate pollution.
Staff Blog
A world of thoughts on Phase 2
Regulatory action to address CO2 emissions and fuel use from heavy-duty vehicles is accelerating around the world. With that in mind, we've been keeping an eye on how the Phase 2 announcement has been covered in markets outside the U.S.
Staff Blog

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Yoann Bernard
Real World Emissions Researcher
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Jan Dornoff
Vehicle Emissions Senior Researcher
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Peter Mock
Europe Managing Director / EU Lead