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With more than 15 million cars and trucks sold annually, the 28-member European Union is the world's most important vehicle market. Every fourth vehicle sold worldwide is produced in or imported into Europe, and its influence on the business decisions of major global vehicle manufacturers is significant.

Traditionally, the EU has set the pace for the reduction of greenhouse gases from transport and conventional pollutants. Europe is home to a large number of innovative vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, providing advanced technologies that help reduce emissions from transportation.

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Integrating electric vehicles within U.S. and European efficiency regulations
Evaluates options for integrating electric vehicles into U.S. and European efficiency regulations based on cost-effectiveness and emission-reduction implications.
Working paper
Heavy-duty vehicles technology potential and cost study
Cost-effectiveness and potential analysis of technologies for the reduction of fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emission of heavy-duty vehicles in the European market, in the 2020–2030 timeframe.
Consultant report
Impacts and mitigation of excess diesel NOx emissions in 11 major vehicle markets
Diesel vehicles in major markets produce over 50% more NOx than official certification limits indicate. Study links these excess NOx emissions to ~38,000 premature deaths worldwide in 2015—mostly in the EU, China, and India. 

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Germany's G20 leadership could expand international cooperation on vehicle efficiency
At the next G20 Summit in July in Hamburg, Germany can lay the groundwork to achieve substantial energy savings and environmental benefits in three important ways.
Staff Blog
Cities driving diesel out of the European car market
European governments have strong incentives to discourage diesel technology and national governments could face fines for failing to meet ambient air quality standards for NOx. As a result, several cities are moving fast to phase out diesel cars, which account for 80% of all NOx emissions from vehicles in Europe.
Staff Blog
Shell game? Debating real-world fuel consumption trends for heavy-duty vehicles in Europe
The EU is about to propose new standards to limit CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. Some manufacturers are still trying to persuade policy makers that regs aren't necessary because truck fuel-efficiency really is improving significantly on its own. Don't be fooled; on average, it isn't.
Staff Blog

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Yoann Bernard
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Jan Dornoff
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Ray Minjares
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Peter Mock
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