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Maximizing aircraft fuel efficiency: Make sure the economics add up

Richard Golaszewski's insights on what a successful clean-sheet aircraft program looks like—from research and development to sales, what made it successful, and what makes sense for manufacturers and airlines today to repeat that success.

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The IMO just took a significant step toward reducing the use of heavy fuel oil in the Arctic

The IMO will consider concrete proposals on ways to reduce the risks of HFO at the next meeting of its Marine Environment Protection Committee, MEPC 72 in April 2018. A decision on what should be done to mitigate the risks of HFO could come as early as 2019.

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Where does the U.S. stand on biofuels now?

The messages on cost, greenhouse gas emissions, and latitude in interpreting the statute may not be entirely consistent, but one thing is clear: U.S. EPA is now intent on dialing down RFS obligations, and that is a real change.

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Maximizing aircraft fuel efficiency: Back to the drawing board

Dr. Juan Alonso's insights into why real-world aircraft fuel efficiency improvements fell short of ICAO's mid- and long-term fuel burn technology goals for aircraft designs and what can be done to get us closer to achieving them.

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Like magic! How to make high vehicle CO2 emissions simply disappear

On June 26, the BMVI finally published the CO2 measurement results we had been waiting for. But in the interim the Ministry re-tested 29 of the original vehicle models. Only a subset of those results, data on 19 out of the 29, was published and in many cases, the vehicles show lower CO2 emissions during the retest than according to their official type-approval value. Those are impressively good results—and strikingly different than the initial results from 2016.

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Maximizing aircraft fuel efficiency: Designing from scratch

Why aren’t we seeing more radically fuel-efficient aircraft, the way we're seeing more efficient cars and trucks? You can get a lot of different answers to that question, depending on who you ask. The result is a series of interviews, which we'll be publishing here over the next few weeks.

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