Pipe: Climate and Health

Pope Francis Aligns Himself With Mainstream Science on Climate

Fri, 2015-06-19 00:00
If anything, environmental scientists say, the pope may have bent over backward to offer a cautious interpretation of the scientific facts.

[In Brief] This week's section

Thu, 2015-06-18 20:00
In science news around the world, Paris's historic Musee de l'Homme is set to reopen in October after a 6-year hiatus, a joint mission of health experts says South Korea's outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome may now be contained, the International Energy Agency finds that nations' current promised greenhouse gas emissions cuts won't be enough to slow global warming for more than a few months, a leaked version of Pope Francis's climate encyclical reveals that the Vatican firmly blames the burning of fossil fuels for climate change, the University of Minnesota announces sweeping changes to how it will protect its research subjects, and more. Also, astronomers have spotted a bright galaxy from the early universe, possibly from the very first generation of stars. And six scientists who have spent the past 8 months in a solar-powered dome meant to simulate living on Mars—and to study how astronauts handle group conflict, bad food, and long, mundane days in cramped quarters—"returned" to Earth this week.

Scientists study tie between insecticides and bee health

Thu, 2015-06-18 17:44
Scientists are studying the relationships between pesticides and row crops, farmers and beekeepers, and factors influencing honeybee health.

Bee health complexity requires scientific solutions

Thu, 2015-06-18 17:44
This article is on the relationships between pesticides and row crops, farmers and beekeepers, and factors influencing honeybee health.

Mississippi farmers, beekeepers and protecting bees

Thu, 2015-06-18 17:43
Researchers are looking at the relationships between pesticides and row crops, farmers and beekeepers, and factors influencing honeybee health. This story focuses on the Mississippi Honey Bee Stewardship Program.

Beyond Climate – A Hidden Gem in the Pope’s Encyclical on Making Social Media Matter

Thu, 2015-06-18 14:15
A hidden gem amid Pope Francis’s climate and consumption concerns is his call to use global communication tools to foster human progress.

Global disability

Thu, 2015-06-18 10:48

IN 2013 the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, in Seattle, carried out a survey of the world’s disease burden. The latest results of this study, focusing on disability, have just been published in the Lancet. The burden of disability imposed each year by a particular condition on a country is measured by counting the number of its inhabitants who suffer from that condition, and multiplying the total by the condition’s severity, assessed on a scale running from zero (meaning no effect) to one (meaning lethal). As the map shows, back pain causes the greatest burden in rich countries with ageing populations. Depression often tops the list in poorer, younger ones. Anaemia heads it in some destitute or war-torn states, where food shortages are common. Conversely, in some sedentary and prosperous parts of the Middle East diabetes is of most concern.

Jeb Bush Avoids Criticizing Pope While Acknowledging Threat of Global Warming

Wed, 2015-06-17 14:45
Jeb Bush backed away from criticizing Pope Francis on climate change, but he did offer a stronger assertion than many of his Republican presidential rivals that global warming is a threat and that the federal government should address it.

Why Jeb Bush and Other Republicans Are Wrong to Chide Pope Francis for Taking a Climate Stand

Wed, 2015-06-17 14:36
Why Republican presidential hopefuls are wrong to chide Pope Francis for taking a position on global warming policy.

IT-savvy patients seek more control over their wellbeing

Wed, 2015-06-17 01:18
Consumers seek new ways to monitor their health

Pope’s Views on Climate Change Add Pressure to Catholic Candidates

Wed, 2015-06-17 00:00
A Florida archbishop will press the pope’s climate change message in the hope that it will resonate in particular with Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush.

Americans Are Again Getting More Worried About the Climate

Wed, 2015-06-17 00:00
Concern over global warming, having fallen after the financial crisis and President Obama’s election, has risen recently, Pew finds.

Beware Casting Pope Francis as a Caped Climate Crusader

Tue, 2015-06-16 12:21
Efforts to cast Pope Francis’s climate push as a superhero’s mission could lead to disappointment.

Better way to evaluate conservation policies found by researchers

Tue, 2015-06-16 11:42
Protected forested areas in Brazil, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Thailand have prevented the release of more than 1,000 million additional tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, an economic service provided by nature worth at least $5 billion, according to new research.

Strategic investments in US inland waterways should focus on maintaining locks and facilities, report urges

Tue, 2015-06-16 11:42
While the US inland waterways system covers a vast geographic area, its freight traffic is highly concentrated, and the system needs a sustainable and well-executed plan for maintaining system reliability and performance to ensure that its limited resources are directed where they are most essential, says a new report from the National Research Council's Transportation Research Board.

The pope and climate change: Treading lightly, in many directions

Tue, 2015-06-16 07:36
RELIGIOUS organisations tend to operate slowly and ponderously, while environmental politics, and sometimes the environment itself, move more rapidly. The Vatican had intended to release Pope Francis's long-planned encyclical on climate change in a carefully choreographed event on the morning of June 18th, but a version of it, apparently pretty close to the final one, was leaked to the world by L'Espresso, an Italian magazine, four days early.&nbsp;The document's release is still a dramatic event. By throwing his personal authority behind the global effort to mitigate climate change, the pope has made a significant intervention in world affairs. From the secular world's perspective, this is probably the most important step he has made during his two-year papacy.Pope Francis has offered what many were waiting for: an unequivocal statement that climate change is happening, is man-made, and must be tackled by humanity's combined efforts. He writes: "There is a very consistent scientific consensus which indicates that we are in the presence of a disturbing warming-up of the [global] climatic system. In the last few decades, this warming has been accompanied by a constant rise in sea-levels; and it is difficult not to to posit some relationship with the increase [in the frequency of] extreme meteorological events..." In an apparent small sop to climate-change sceptics, he ...<div class="og_rss_groups"></div>

There is profit in saving the planet

Tue, 2015-06-16 07:25
Pope Francis is right on climate and wrong on technology

New methane bioreactor produces environmentally friendly energy, mitigates climate change

Tue, 2015-06-16 07:19
A new methane bioreactor boosts environmentally friendly energy to the markets. The reactor stores renewable energy and produces synthetic biomethane with good efficiency. The new technology can help in achieving a carbon-neutral society, developers report.

Pope Francis Calls for Climate Action in Draft of Encyclical

Tue, 2015-06-16 00:00
In the leaked 192-page document, posted by an Italian magazine, the pope offers a broad vision of an endangered planet and partly blames human activity for global warming.

Naomi Oreskes, a Lightning Rod in a Changing Climate

Tue, 2015-06-16 00:00
Dr. Oreskes is fast becoming one of the biggest names in climate science by using historical scholarship to take on denialists.