Indirect effects of biofuels production
Europe's opportunity for biofuels from wastes and residues
Effects of standards on public health and climate
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Evaluation of state-level U.S. electric vehicle incentives
Introduces a novel methodology to monetize the benefit to consumers of electric vehicle incentives provided by U.S. states, and finds that more battery-electric vehicles are sold in states offering a greater total package of...
White paper
The WLTP: How a new test procedure for cars will affect fuel consumption values in the EU
Identifies and quantifies impacts on type-approval values of the EU's anticipated transition from the NEDC to the WLTP. Notably, the effects of the new driving cycle and the new definition of vehicle test masses result in a...
Working paper
Comparative assessment of heavy-duty vehicle regulatory design options for U.S. greenhouse gas and efficiency regulation
Identifies six certification options, using Phase 1 and publicly expressed industry viewpoints as a guide, and evaluates them based on seven criteria developed to compare the certification procedures’ relative merits.
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newsclips -- Newsclips for October 31, 2014
This is a service of the California Air Resources Board s Office...

Chevy byproducts provide homes for bats; helping in the fight against white-nose syndrome
General Motors is using waste adhesive from the production of...

NHTSA fines Ferrari $3.5M for failing to submit early warning reports, three fatal accidents
The US Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic...

2015 Ford Edge: Specs, <b>Fuel Economy</b> And Safety Features, Explore Them Here!
The Motoring Crunch and Master Herald unveil some information on...

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Is IMO losing steam on policies to reduce shipping emissions?
On climate issues, especially additional measures to reduce CO2 emissions from in-use vessels, discussions at last week's meeting of the International Maritime Organization’s Marine Environmental Protection Committee did not make much headway in the right direction.
Staff Blog
Will a new test procedure solve the problem? Latest developments on EU vehicle testing
Two recent ICCT reports clearly demonstrate the serious on-road problem for CO2 and NOx emissions in Europe. The European Commission is working on it, but the approaches chosen to address the real-world CO2 and NOx problems differ substantially.
Staff Blog
Will GDI engines mean higher particulate emissions? Thanks to already-enacted Tier 3 standards, no
Concerns that engines using gasoline direct injection produce higher particulate emissions overlook two things: the engineering solutions to the problem are already known, and EPA's Tier 3 regulation, which takes effect in 2017, will require them.
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