Extends an analysis of the gap between official and real-world fuel consumption
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Policy solutions to reduce vehicle exhaust emissions under real-world driving conditions
Proposes a rapid, comprehensive policy response not only to deal with defeat devices but also to identify vehicle models with high real-world emissions relative to test-cycle performance and improve current compliance and...
Transition to a global zero-emission vehicle fleet: A collaborative agenda for governments
Surveys governments', automakers', and advocates' efforts to support development of the global EV market, and outlines an agenda to promote the global transition to a zero-emission vehicle fleet.
White paper
From laboratory to road: A 2015 update
Extends an analysis of the gap between official and real-world fuel consumption and CO2 emission values for passenger cars in Europe and investigates the reasons for the increasing gap.
White paper



E.P.A. to Unveil New Limit for Smog-Causing Ozone Emissions
The new rule, set at the weakest standard in the range...

arbcombo -- Regional Workshops to discuss a draft Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Strategy
The Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) will hold workshops to...

India submits its climate action plan, asks rich nations to cooperate in achieving its goal
India on Thursday submitted its 'climate action plan' to a UN...

arbcombo -- 2015 Haagen-Smit Clean Air Awards - Nominations Now Being Accepted
If you know someone in the air quality community scientists,...

China's commitment to improving heavy-duty vehicle efficiency [Press statement]
Last Friday, during President Xi Jinping’s visit to...

FAQ: In-use NOx emissions from diesel passenger cars
As the story concerning in-use NOx emissions from diesel...

Real-world vehicle fuel economy gap continues to widen in Europe [press release]
Latest study shows average discrepancy between passenger vehicle...

EPA's notice of violation of the Clean Air Act to Volkswagen [press statement]
Investigation into "defeat device" allegedly used to...

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Dispelling some myths about the gap between test-lab and real-world vehicle CO2 emissions
An explanation of what has and has not caused the gap between test-lab and real-world vehicle CO2 emissions to increase by over 30 percentage points in just over a decade.
Staff Blog
Global milestone: The first million electric vehicles
Sometime this month, somewhere in the world, the millionth modern electric vehicle will hit the road. And in NYC, farsighted governments of the new International ZEV Alliance are coming together to spur deployment of the next million, and more.
Staff Blog
Brazil is not ready for diesel cars
Brazil should hold the line and continue to ban sales of diesel passenger cars.
Staff Blog