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The future of vehicle emissions testing and compliance
Analyzes and compares new-vehicle type-approval procedures in the EU and U.S. with an eye toward demonstrating how best to align regulatory requirements, customer expectations, and environmental performance.
White paper
Transatlantic airline fuel efficiency ranking, 2014
This study is an extension of ICCT’s work benchmarking U.S. airline fuel efficiency on domestic operations since 2010.
Brazil passenger vehicle market statistics
This study details vehicle characteristics, technology adoption, and energy consumption for passenger vehicles sold in Brazil in 2013. 
White paper



E.P.A. to Unveil New Limit for Smog-Causing Ozone Emissions
The new rule, set at the weakest standard in the range...

arbcombo -- Regional Workshops to discuss a draft Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Strategy
The Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) will hold workshops to...

India submits its climate action plan, asks rich nations to cooperate in achieving its goal
India on Thursday submitted its 'climate action plan' to a UN...

arbcombo -- 2015 Haagen-Smit Clean Air Awards - Nominations Now Being Accepted
If you know someone in the air quality community scientists,...

Pinpointing weaknesses in Europe's vehicle emissions testing scheme to point the way toward a more effective and robust program [press release]
A side-by-side comparison of the vehicle emissions testing...

New revelations of Clean Air Act violations by Volkswagen [press statement]
The International Council on Clean Transportation once again...

China's commitment to improving heavy-duty vehicle efficiency [Press statement]
Last Friday, during President Xi Jinping’s visit to...

FAQ: In-use NOx emissions from diesel passenger cars
As the story concerning in-use NOx emissions from diesel...

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The future of vehicle emissions testing in Europe (and beyond)
To solve the problem underlying the growing gap between certification-test and in-use CO2 and NOx emissions, we will have to go beyond just introducing a new test procedure.
Staff Blog
The miseducation of the diesel car
The preliminary agreement on the EU's Real-Driving Emissions regulation is a missed opportunity to address the air-quality problem by forcing the technological adjustments required to bring real emissions and legal limits in line.
Staff Blog
Oregon is an unconventional success story for electric vehicles
Oregon has become one of the leading U.S. states for electric vehicle sales without offering significant fiscal incentives, instead relying on innovative promotion activities.
Staff Blog