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A 2014 synthesis of vehicle and fuel policy developments
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Heavy-duty vehicle fuel-efficiency simulation: A comparison of US and EU tools
Discusses the use of computer simulation to certify whole-vehicle efficiency of HDVs, and compares tools used to quantify HDV CO2 emissions in the US (GEM v2.0) and EU (VECTO v2.0.3 beta; not yet used in a regulatory context).
White paper
Early adoption of China 5/V vehicle emission standards in Guangdong
Guangdong province becomes the third region in China to move from China 4/IV to China 5/V standards on an advanced schedule, though with a 9- to 12-month postponed timeline announced on March 27, 2015.
Policy update
Japan light commercial vehicle fuel economy standards for 2022
New standards require that the fuel economy of MY 2022 LCVs sold in Japan average 17.9 km/L, compared to 14.2 km/L in 2012—a 26% increase in fuel economy, and a 23% increase from the 2015 standard of 14.5 km/L.
Policy update



Honda unveils HR-V for 2016
With bold and sporty coupe-like styling, SUV versatility, 35 mpg...

DARPA program integrates non-mechanical optical scanning tech on microchip; new class of low-cost, miniature LIDAR could support autonomous vehicle apps
DARPA’s Short-range Wide-field-of-view Extremely agile...

Infineon and Google ATAP developing technology for gesture sensing and presence detection; automotive applications
Infineon Technologies AG is working with Google’s Advanced...

Global climate set for change over decades: Study
The global climate is on the verge of broad-scale change that...

Global Green Freight Action Plan launched
The Global Green Freight Action Plan was officially launched...

Request for Proposals: Marine Black Carbon Emissions Testing
Summary This request for proposals (RFP) supports the marine...

Request for Proposals: Air Quality Modeling Inputs to Rapid Health Impact Assessment Tool for Port Emissions
Summary This request for proposals (RFP) seeks an experienced...

ICCT and Shenzhen Habitat and Environment Committee sign Memorandum of Understanding
On 21 March 2015 the International Council on Clean...

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Fast and Furious
Having slashed sulfur content limits for on-road diesel fuel, China's policymakers may turn their attention to other sources of particulate pollution. With official limits for marine fuel an eye-popping 35,000 ppm sulfur, shipping could be an inviting target.
Staff Blog
Off the radar: Aviation in California’s climate policy
Can California step up its efforts enough to meet new GHG emissions targets announced by Gov. Brown? We think so. But right now California is ignoring a major GHG source: aviation.
Staff Blog
The EV future—already here, just not evenly distributed yet?
Some interesting patterns start to emerge if you look at the top US cities for electric vehicle sales.
Staff Blog