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Market analysis of heavy-duty vehicles in India
Comparative analysis of HDV sales in India in terms of manufacturer market share and vehicle characteristics. Additional discussion of engine attributes aimed at developing a categorization scheme.
Working paper
Assessment of Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Vehicle Emissions: Implications and Policy Recommendations
Analyzes the implications of a growing natural gas vehicle fleet on the emission benefits of the U.S. HDV “Phase 2” greenhouse gas rulemaking, synthesizing data on upstream emissions, vehicle emissions, and efficiency technology...
White paper
Assessment of leading electric vehicle promotion activities in United States cities
Surveys actions being taken by state and local governments and public utilities to facilitate electric vehicle deployment in the 25 largest U.S. metro areas. Presents city-specific analysis of consumer benefits and links between...
White paper



AVnu Alliance, Cisco and TTTech to host Deterministic Ethernet Forum for in-vehicle networking
AVnu Alliance, Cisco and TTTech will host the Deterministic...

NGT fines Agra civic body for dumping garbage in Yamuna
The National Green Tribunal has fined the Agra Municipal...

Study Shows Hybrids Are Not Improving US Fleet Mileage
In 1936, fuel economy began a slide to 11.9 MPG in 1973, when...

Nummernschilder-Semantik: Kennzeichen XY... unverfroren
Es soll Leute geben, die sich über Namenskürzel als...

Comments on RFS 2014-2016 RVO
ICCT comments to the U.S. EPA on proposed volumes for the...

Press roundup, April 2015

Press roundup, March 2015

Request for Proposals: Fuel and Vehicle Flows in Western and Southern Africa
Summary The ICCT is seeking an experienced consulting group or...

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Why heavy-duty engine standards put India on the best path forward
Efficiency standards for engines are the most advantageous regulatory design option for India to maximize near-term fuel savings and emission reduction benefits from new heavy-duty vehicles. Engine standards also pave the way toward more comprehensive, simulation-based full vehicle efficiency standards.
Staff Blog
Correcting the record: CALmatters story on California's goal to cut oil use
I was quoted out of context in a story on Senate Bill 350, which would assert California's role as a global leader in transportation and environmental policy as emphatically as the state has ever done.
Staff Blog
Isn't that a lot of biodiesel?
A new study assesses biodiesel feedstock availability in the U.S. and finds that annual domestic supply growth is modest. We comment on these findings in light of EPA's proposal to increase biomass-based diesel volumes under the RFS from 2014-2017.
Staff Blog