European vehicle market statistics, 2015/2016
Extends an analysis of the gap between official and real-world fuel consumption
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Recent work on aircraft emissions and CO2 standards

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International Civil Aviation Organization CO2 standard for new aircraft
A concise overview of ICAO's proposed aircraft efficiency standard, covering the policy background and standard requirements, and preliminary analysis of expected effects on CO2 emissions.
Policy update
Case study: Refineries in Vietnam
Upgrades to Vietnam's first and only refinery, expected to begin production of Euro 5 diesel and gasoline in 2016, will lower the country’s reliance on imports and allow for the domestic production of clean fuel.
Working paper
Review and evaluation of vehicle fuel efficiency labeling and consumer information programs
A comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of vehicle fuel efficiency labelling across a wide range of economies. (Commissioned from the ICCT by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation).
Consulting report



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Petroleum life-cycle emissions—did we forget something?
Some biofuels proponents argue that if regulations factor indirect land-use change into estimates of biofuel carbon intensity, they should also estimate indirect carbon emissions from petroleum. It's not a persuasive argument.
Staff Blog
An unexpected tax bill for imported palm oil biodiesel
Palm biodiesel imports can now expect to continue reaping the benefits of two incentives originally intended to promote clean domestic energy.
Staff Blog
Turning over a new leaf: Electric vehicle carbon emissions
EV sales are up globally, and electrical grid emissions keeping getting lower.
Staff Blog