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Assessment of Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Vehicle Emissions: Implications and Policy Recommendations
Analyzes the implications of a growing natural gas vehicle fleet on the emission benefits of the U.S. HDV “Phase 2” greenhouse gas rulemaking, synthesizing data on upstream emissions, vehicle emissions, and efficiency technology...
White paper
Assessment of leading electric vehicle promotion activities in United States cities
Surveys actions being taken by state and local governments and public utilities to facilitate electric vehicle deployment in the 25 largest U.S. metro areas. Presents city-specific analysis of consumer benefits and links between...
White paper
Hybrid vehicles: Trends in technology development and cost reduction
Technical summary for policy makers of the status of hybrid vehicle development in the United States. First in a series of technical briefing papers on trends in energy efficiency of passenger vehicles in the U.S.



2016 Chevrolet Volt EPA-rated at 53 miles all-electric range
The Chevrolet Volt’s all-new second-generation Voltec extended...

Fly Green Fund launched to help kick-start sustainable jet fuel market in Nordic region
Tue 4 Aug 2015 - In efforts to kick-start a local sustainable...

Google iLUC alert: The New Carbon Economy: Evolution of Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reduction...
However, the transportation and industrial sectors continue to...

World glaciers melting faster than ever
The intense ice loss of the past two decades has resulted in a...

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Electric vehicles rising, in select US cities
As our latest study demonstrates, digging down to the city and regional level can illuminate what's really happening across markets and identify how policies and promotional activities are connected to electric vehicle sales.
Staff Blog
Hybrids break into the Japanese market (July 2015 update)
Japan's just-released 2013 data shows that fuel economy of new PVs there improved 7% in 2012–2013, from 21.1 to 22.5 km/L (10-15 mode). Fuel economy is up more than 80% since 1995, and averaged 6% annually over the past five years.
Staff Blog
Parsing Phase 2: Tractor-trailers in the proposed regulation
One way to begin to cut through the complexity of the proposed new "Phase 2" standard for heavy-duty vehicle fuel consumption and GHG emissions is to look at the vehicle category most of us are most familiar with: tractor-trailers.
Staff Blog