Europe's opportunity for biofuels from wastes and residues
Effects of standards on public health and climate
New edition of our annual market profile
The growing gap between lab and on-road results in the EU

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Effectiveness of CO2-based feebate systems in the European passenger vehicle market
Econometric analysis aiming to identify the extent to which the observed reductions in CO2 emissions rates in the Netherlands and the UK can be attributed to CO2-based vehicle taxation.
Consultant report
Feasibility of IMO Annex VI Tier III implementation using selective catalytic reduction
Survey of technical literature and industry reports to assess equipment costs, environmental side effects, urea and catalyst availability and disposal, and overall system costs of SCR in the marine sector.
Working paper
U.S. Tier 3 vehicle emissions and fuel quality standards, final rule
Provides an overview of the requirements of the final rule, discusses the handful of significant changes from the 2013 proposed rule, and summarizes the overall impacts.
Policy update



omb -- Public Workshops to Discuss AST EVR Regulatory Advisory and Subsequent Rulemaking
The Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) staff invites you to...

The 'invisible killer' in Haringey's traffic-filled streets
Dr Yvonne Doyle, regional director for PHE London, said: “The...

ab32publichealth -- May 1 Climate Action Team Public Health Workgroup Meeting
Thursday, May 1, 2014 1:00 - 4 pm PST WEBCAST Sierra Hearing...

ASG seeks to find the most eco-friendly truck
Pickups are not known for their remarkable fuel economy. However...

Reducing Black Carbon Emissions from Diesel Vehicles
Impacts, Control Strategies, and Cost-Benefit Analysis A new...

Press roundup, March 2014
ClimateWire 31-Mar IPCC report cites risks...

[Press release] Cutting NOx emissions from ships: Feasibility of IMO Tier III implementation using SCR
For immediate release: 25 March 2014 ICCT study confirms...

[Press release] New ICCT study: Reassessing global potential for energy from biomass
For immediate release: 25 March 2014 Many climate change...

From the ICCT Blogs

Show vehicles or all-in: Differing electric vehicle strategies emerge
The discussion at a panel last week on the future of EVs highlighted the different approaches automakers are taking toward rolling out new plug-in electric vehicle models.
Staff Blog
Reading the tea leaves in IMO’s NOx decision
A short summary of the outcome of MEPC-66 on finalizing the effective date for NOx Tier III requirements in Emission Control Areas, and what it means for vessels, NOx emissions, and implementation.
Staff Blog
On the precautionary principle and heavy fuel oil in the Arctic
A spill in the Arctic of similar proportion to the one in the Houston Ship Channel in March would be catastrophic, given the limited response capabilities, the distances involved, and other factors. The time to address that risk is before one happens, not after.
Staff Blog